Link to opt out

You may have to log in or confirm your password after clicking on this link.

Notes / Instructions on how to opt out

This applies to Facebook and Instagram.

  1. You will probably have a lot of ‘Interests’ and ‘Advertisers…who use a contact list’ added to Facebook. These are contact lists of people’s email addresses/phone numbers that advertisers upload to Facebok. You can click the Remove button on all of them or, to save time, use this script.

    Facebook will add more interests and advertisers back to this over time, so you might want to check back here regularly.

  2. In ‘Your Information’, disable ‘Relationship status’, ‘Employer’, ‘Job title’, and ‘Education’

  3. In ‘Ad Settings’, turn ‘Ads based on data from partners’ and ‘Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere’ to Not Allowed. Turn ‘Ads that include your social actions’ to ‘No one’.

  4. In ‘Hide ad topics’, turn ‘Alcohol’, ‘Parenting’, and ‘Pets’ to ‘Hide Permanently’.

You may also want to visit this page to turn off facial recognition of you in photos and videos uploaded to Facebook.